I am currently an MA Creative Futures: Graphic Design student studying at Staffordshire University.

Ever since the days of being handed a felt tip pen as a child and told to scribble without a care in the world, my creative side has grown and grown. My education has always been important to me and art classes were no different. However in secondary school I had become a bit of a perfectionist. I wanted everything neat, lined up, no smudges or finger prints on my work and I did everything I could to prevent it. That meant starting again or ripping out a page of my sketchbook. I continued my perfectionist state throughout secondary school and it was not until A-Level Art and Design when I finally began to ease up.

My tutor for A-Level Art and Design was the best I had had and really challenged me out of my comfort zone. Not to worry about mistakes and to free myself up. This reminded me of my childhood, back to the memories of the felt pen scribbling. The experience was a real eye-opener yet despite it being a more art driven course I had the ability to incorporate Graphic Design within my work. I had the opportunity to write my own briefs around topics I felt I wanted to tackle. I learnt so much from those classes and that is what drove me towards studying Graphic Design at University. So that is where I am now….



  1. Hey! Loving your blog, it’s looking good 🙂 I nominated you for a Liebster award! Check it out! http://411design.wordpress.com/2012/09/06/liebster-award/

  2. Thanks for having a look at my blog! I enjoy seeing your work, too – very nice! I’ve always liked graphic design; you might take a look at my web-site proper (http://aarondougherty.com/). It’s a sort of an outlet for graphical distractions….

  3. I like your blog and portfolio 🙂

  4. Great image and thanks for sharing your experience and journey as an artist and designer. I hope the course at Staffordshire is going well. My main memory of Staffordshire is visiting Lichfield’s home at Shugborough and making some watercolour sketches of the laundry and kitchen there – with all its beautiful copper. At the time there were also artist studios there with sculptors and potters at work – so it had a very lived in creative feel – always loved going.

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